Introducing the Power of Dialogue

Power of Dialogue is a coaching and counseling service that opens up the possibilities of people through the power of dialogue.

By speaking in words about one's thoughts and feelings, one can introspect, become aware, clarify one's thoughts, feel better, be motivated, and accelerate actions.

Professionally trained coaches and counselors can help with this process in a safe and relaxed environment. At Power of Dialogue, our experienced coach/counselor will take care of each and every one of you and meet your diverse needs, from business to life.

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Coach/Counselor, Power of Dialogue

Atsuko Ochiai

Services provided

From business coaching to personal life counseling, we will  sincerly face each of you and meet your needs through poweful "dialogue".


Business coaching

Coaching for entrepreneurs and business owners. Clarify your goals and accelerate growth and performance. We also support to solve your management issues and develop the organization.


Career counseling

We are now in an era with various career choices. We support you building a career that is unique to you, from career advancement in your current workplace to career selection to find the right job.


Life counseling

Even if you have troubles in your life, there are many times when you can't talk to someone close to you on the matter. Counslor is professionally trained and listen in a safe and secure space and support actions toward solutions.

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