We introduce the impressions that we receive from our customers

Ms. K.I. (Business person, 40s)

Session was very organized and my next action became very clear. Thank you, I would love to continue.

Ms.Y.I.  (Business person, 30s)

EC site owner (female)

Ms. R.O.  (Freelance, 30s)

She was good at drawing out my story, and the actions to be taken step by step with respect to my goals and what I wants to achieve became concrete. The course I will take became clear. It was a very meaningful time.

It was the third session. Throughout each session, I feel new awareness, verbalization of thoughts, and acceleration of actions. I am looking forward to next session.

Ms. M.S. (Business person, 30s)

I felt that my scattered keywords were being organized very properly through the session. Also, coaching was very easy to understand and helpful to fix my point of observation.

Ms. H.F. (Business person, 40s)

Ms. N (Household, 20s)

Thank you for your session. I am grateful to you for taking my vague issues seriously. With a clear and well-targeted digging, I was able to reaffirm my own wishes and connect them to the next step. Let me deepen my thoughts and talk again by the next time!

She well listened to my uncoordinated story, and gave me an opportunity to notice my state of mind and to reconsider myself. The session was helpful not only for my current worries, but also for how to understand the problems that may arise in the future. I would love to have your session again. I'm really thankful to you.

Mr. K.N. (Engineer, 30s)

Mr. T.I. (NPO staff, 20s)

Mr.H.K. (Business person, 20s)

Thank you for today! It was a good time to gain new awareness. I was surprised because she said something that would not have been possible if I was alone. I would like to put it into action immediately. I look forward to have a coaching session with you next month.

Thank you for today! I can clearly organize what I want to do and where I want to go, and it seems that I can start in a new workplace after changing jobs in a good way. I look forward to talking with you next month!

Until now, I thought that I would have lived without any connection and had no axis or values, but by writing a lifeline chart, I realized I was influenced by various people and things so far. I found out that I have my own personality. This was the best harvest today! I would like to check the materials I received and think again. Thank you very much and looking foward to the next time!